An Arc’Teryx sponsored traditional Snapz Photo Booth was at the Get Outside Event at Calhoun Square on May 16th. Users were able to try on Arc’Teryx jackets and ski gear and pose for fun filled pics

The Printouts-  Snapz traditional booths can be programmed to print 2 2 x 6 strips (prints are cut as they exit the machine) for a true photo booth experience.  These images print in less than 9 seconds making the machines ideal for large crowd events.  No one wants to wait in a long line no matter how fun the activity

Get Outside Event

Calhoun Sqaure partnered with Arc’ Teryx,  Columbia, Northface, Midwest Mountaineering, and other surrounding retailers that specialize in the outdoors for a fun day outside. Donations/proceeds went towards Wilderness Inquiry.

Client: Arc’Teryx